“The Icon” – Opera in 4 Acts (ca. 100’)
The Mother   – mezzo-soprano (dramatic soprano)
Further parts: - soprano, bass, baritone, two tenors
Male choir – instrumentation for at least 8 singers
Orchestra instrumentation: - at least 17 strings, 8 winds, piano and  2 percussionists  

“Love without End”  - Jazz Musical (ca. 120’)
8 actor-singers, ballet dancers and vocal quartet or choir (8 – 12 singers)
Orchestra instrumentation in various arrangements for approximately 36, 24, 16 and 7 musicians

“Mozart, the Beggar and the Jester” – Fantasy Musical (90’)
9 actor-singers and ensemble (8 – 16 members)
Orchestra instrumentation: 7 – 13 musicians

Musicals for Children

(Instrumentation for school theatre available)
Orchestra instrumentation: 7 – 8 musicians or piano accompaniment only

“The Comet is Coming, Children!” (Nestroy – “Lumpazivagabundus”)

“Confusion in the Circus”
“Amazing, Impossible and Something on Four Paws”
“Ali Baba”
“The Emperor and the Little Bird”
“The Puppet Workshop” – Christmas Musical
“The Legend of Ingu”

Libretto-German:  Jana and Georges Sanev
Libretto-English:     Steven Allison

Musicals for School Theater

Instrumentation: 7-8 musicians (number can be increased)
Or piano accompaniment only

“Tales from the Chimney” – Christmas Musical
“Pyjama Party” – Christmas Musical
“Mozart, Winnetou and Shikawawa” – An Environmental Protection Horror Musical
“An Almost Penguins Adventure” –Fantasy Story
“The Little Detective” – Crime Comedy
“It's Time to Sing!”

Musicals – Oratorio pieces for children
(For theater, school theater, orchestra with narrator, and piano part with narrator):

“Hatschi Bratschi's Magic Balloon”
“City Jungle Fairy Tale"
Versions: Orchestra instrumentation for 12 - 20 musicians or piano accompaniment

Works for Orchestra:

“The Seasons” - Suite in Four Movements for Solo Violin and Orchestra
Poem for Piano and Orchestra
“Voice of the Jungle” – Suite for Orchestra and Narrator
Six Miniatures – for Strings

Light Works for Orchestra

“Stories from the Viennese Prater” - Suite in Five Movements with Instrumentation for Choir and Narrator
“Moto perpetuo” – Pezzo Virtuoso
“Country Bulgarian”
“Caribbean Samba”


Instrumentations and Interpretations and Improvisations on J. Kern, P. Desmond,
G. Shearing.

Further Works and Instrumentations

Two song cycles for solo middle voice and piano (instrumentation for
                        Chamber orchestra available)

Clementi      - Sonatina in G major  for orchestra
Joplin            - 4 Pieces  for piano and orchestra
Gershwin      - 5 Songs   for orchestra
Hindemith    - “Let's Build a Town”  Libretto by J. Saneva and orchestra
           Instrumentation by G. Sanev

Christmas Songs

“Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”, Jingle Bells”, etc.
7 of the most popular Christmas songs

“Beginners in Action”      Piano book for children – Beginners, including about 30 Pieces based on the principle:
“I can already play on the black keys”

All of the works and instrumentations have already been performed with great
Success -Instrumentations available in computer form – written in Cubase

“Children's musical theater”

Work in progress – to be finished by Mai 2008. An introductory work, based on 30 years of experience as a director and teacher of children's music theater.
Intended as an aid for School Theater and children's groups.
It also contains a musical for children (notation, libretto and audio CD)

“The Legend of Ingu”

Fictional story for children, based on the eponymous musical, including song
Lyrics and an audio CD (orchestra and orchestra with voice)
German version:    Jana and Georges Sanev
English version:       Steven Allison

“It's Time to Sing!”  Course Book.                                                         Volume I
Music education for primary schools, music schools, families and all curious

With three audio CDs and score (80 Pages), 16 songs for children and the musical “The Legend of Ingu”.